• <b> The Hubby:</b> You know what I can't stand about Pepe Le Pew? That cat is hauling ass, and he's just hopping a long. But he's sheets right behind her.<p><b>Me:</b> That's because she keeps stopping to see where he is, and he just keeps hopping. It's Looney Toons.<p><b>The Hubby:</b> I guess. ...Do you like how that's where I draw the line?<p><b>Me:</b> Yes. Really. You drop a safe on Coyote, and he walks out the door. Daffy gets shot in the face, and his bill ends up on the back of his head.<p><b>The Hubby:</b> But the cat...<p><b>Me:</b> Honey! A pig in a dinner jacket has a stutter!<p>

Producitve Mommy!

Aurora sleeping through the night is so nice. It makes it so much easier to wake up and get stuff done. It is 8:40 am and I have already:
-fed and changed Aurora
-fed and let out the dogs
-enjoyed a cup of coffee
-started laundry
-started filling out daycare paper work
Hopefully I can get her down for a nap this afternoon and work on my picture frame project I started last summer. I would really like to have the entryway done by the time I go back to work, which means I need to get going. Only 30 days left of maternity leave.

Mom selfies!
First time wearing makeup since Aurora was born. I also went to my first work meeting yesterday. Still not officially back until August 23rd, but I want to ease back in. Basically I’ll just be popping into my salons to see how things are going, making my managers think about what the salon’s goals are, and how we plan to achieve them. I’m not looking forward to no longer spending all day everyday with my girl, but yesterday was good to remind me how much I love my job. I work with such a great team, it won’t be so awful going back.

Working out those legs!